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New nursery walls

Beadboard Wall Paneling Install in Bedstuy Brownstone

There are many positive angles to creating a dedicated room for a nursery when a baby is on the way. It keeps all the baby supplies in one place, and provides a familiar place as the wee one grows and begins looking around and taking in the sights. Coming into the nursery can evoke, even in a baby and small child, a sense of comfort and safety. When this client learned the news of a baby arrival, renovating a dull bedroom to a sweet nursery became a priority.

To classy up the room, we installed the beadboard version of wainscoting. Often interchanged words with no harm done, wainscoting refers to wall paneling in many styles, and beadboard is one of them. It is a charming vertical tongue-and-groove arrangement of boards that adds a lovely flair to any wall. The small indentation between boards is the “bead”, and the top and bottom are finished with horizontal molding, the cap rail at the top and baseboard at the bottom. Today, independent wood pieces may be manufactured in sheets, and not all beadboard is made of wood. Here the cap rail and the baseboard are in matching wood style and color.

We expertly painted the beadboard, cap rail and baseboard with Raindance 1572 from Benjamin Moore. It’s a soothing medium gray with both blue and green depth. While the first words spoken by babies are usually mama, dada, baba and bye-bye, we think this little one might blurt out beadboard. It’s close to the standard words, two syllables, repetitive hard consonant. Taking this space from boring bedroom to nurturing nursery was a practical project with a refreshing result.

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