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The heart of a home is often its kitchen, a place not only for cooking but for gathering, sharing, and creating memories.
There are many positive angles to creating a dedicated room for a nursery when a baby is on the way. It keeps all the baby supplies in one place, and provides a familiar place as the wee one grows and begins looking around and taking in the sights.
When you connect the dots between a small grocery store in Sweden founded in 1919, coffee and floor polish, what do you get? Well, in a stunning turn of events, the floor product takes center stage.
One of the four islands comprising the French West Indies, St Barth (aka St. Barts) was settled by the French in 1648.
There are a lot of electrician jokes circulating and a couple of them involve a carpenter, like what do you call an electrician who tries to work as a carpenter? A bad electrician. In reverse, what do you call a carpenter who tries to work as an electrician? A shocked carpenter.
Imagine you are moving. Soon. You are excited. You have chosen your new Big Apple abode with care to meet your location preferences, lifestyle and budget. Your other lease is over, your stuff is packed in boxes, furniture and electronics are ready to relocate.