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Manhattan Retail Store Renovation

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West Village Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Less than 25% of Denmark’s 406 islands are inhabited, and residents strive for “hygge”, a uniquely Danish concept of life in which a mood of comfort, coziness and contentment reigns in daily life. The country is officially the Kingdom of Denmark, and Danish ingenuity is emerging in their RAINS [drip, drip, drip] stores. From Berlin, Paris, Shanghai and Antwerp to Vancouver, Amsterdam, Melbourne and New York City, people flock in for exceptional rainwear, backpacks and accessories.

With just four weeks to prepare for its grand opening in Manhattan, the RAINS management team called us at Paintworks for help with remodeling. We got busy tearing down one wall, adjusting doors and installing J Bead to finish the rough ends of drywall corners. The Paintworks team did lots of plastering, smoothing, priming and painting, too, including a brick wall. Painting over brick requires special expertise which for us is all in a day’s work. Our experts crafted a piece of drywall to go neatly over an oddly placed window. The store opened as scheduled at 361 Bleecker Street, and with an average rainfall of 47 inches in the Big Apple, raingear is de rigueur (required).

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