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Wallpapering and Painting a SoHo Art Gallery

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One of the four islands comprising the French West Indies, St Barth (aka St. Barts) was settled by the French in 1648. It was traded to Sweden for four short years and today, the rich and famous from around the world seek out the spectacular natural beauty, European and Caribbean ambience and luxury accommodations. From this sensationally exotic, volcanic island, three women passionate about art formed Space Gallery St Barth in 2011. Seven years later, they launched a permanent gallery in New York City.

The style of this inclusive art space, designed by Susann Eva Goerg of happyhomes.co, includes fully furnished rooms where visitors linger. Art is displayed in home-like settings for envisioning art on the wall next to the bed or across living room. There’s a report afoot which relates that people look at art for only 29 seconds before walking away. Here, in this more cozy interior, recently painted and wallpapered by our experienced crew, shoppers are inclined to linger. And they do. Far more than 29 seconds.

It’s a little haven, much like St Barth, where the people are warm, you are welcome, and the city hustle is on pause. We used high quality paint products from Farrow & Ball, along with unique wallpaper, to jazz up the space. From the clever trademarked The_Ap_art_ment™ title and exquisite furnishings to the strategically-positioned lighting and colors, the carefully curated art seeks out a new home, a new client, a repeat appreciator – much like a kitten or puppy chooses its owner, despite many pet owners still crediting themselves. Art can speak, and it definitely has a voice at Space Gallery St Barth.

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