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Central Park South Drywall Patching

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Patching and Plastering Electrical Work

There are a lot of electrician jokes circulating and a couple of them involve a carpenter, like what do you call an electrician who tries to work as a carpenter? A bad electrician. In reverse, what do you call a carpenter who tries to work as an electrician? A shocked carpenter. We at Paintworks are fond of the one that goes: Why did the electrician wear two jackets when painting a room in his house? Because the instructions said “for best results, put on two coats.”

Mind you, we maintain a very healthy respect for electricians. We don’t want to mess around with wiring and electrical currents. Our carpenters and painters love building, renovating and painting, restoring walls and ceilings and, yes, tidying up after electricians have neatly rewired something. In this home, we were charged (ha!) with patching and repairing holes after electrical outlets were moved.

The end game in a small project like this one is to make the wall look like it had never been disturbed. With little pieces of drywall, some tape, plaster and paint, plus expert workmanship and experience, the task was accomplished. Not only does the wall look great, but also we mounted the TV set, so these folks don’t need an extra piece of furniture to hold it.   

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