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Wallpaper Hanging and Removal in New York and New Jersey

As a master wallpaper hanging company in New York City serving North Jersey, and Westchester County, we focus on quality preparation, efficiency, and a beautiful finished product that leaves the home or business owner in awe. From the first call or email to the last walk-through we are with you every step of the way.

Cozy living room with light wooden floors and cream walls adorned with large patterned wallpaper. The room is furnished with white sofas, a glass coffee table, and accented with colorful cushions and fresh flowers, under a classic chandelier.

Backstory of Wallpaper

Wallpaper was made by hand up until the mid-1800s and used inside cupboards and small spaces, as it was printed on small sheets of paper. Once mass-produced, the patterns expanded out of floral motifs and simple scenes, and much larger sheets and rolls became available. Flock patterns were copied from textiles, and marble, wood grain, damask, and other patterns began to grace the walls of homes. 

Stylish living room with a unique wall covered in cream wallpaper featuring an array of flying birds. The space includes two beige armchairs with striped cushions, a black leather sofa, and a colorful abstract area rug. A parquet wood floor and a simple wooden coffee table complete the inviting ambiance.

Today’s wallpapers,

When hung properly – can last a lot longer than paint. Many are made of vinyl, which is easier to handle and clean than paper. The colors, shapes, textures, and patterns seem limitless, and it adds the kind of style and interest to a room or stairway or hall wall that only wallpaper can offer. 

Narrow hallway with polished hardwood floors, featuring a dark, intricate floral wallpaper on one side and a light-colored door at the end.

Professional Experts

Removing wallpaper, prepping the walls, understanding all the intricacies of hanging it correctly, and having the large brushes, tables, correct supplies, and expertise fall into the hands of professionals. And here we are!

Office space with a large wall mural of a lush green mountain landscape, enhancing the room with a vibrant and refreshing outdoor feel.

Come Prepared

Surface preparation is key when hanging new wallpaper. If there is existing wallpaper, it needs to be removed carefully as not to damage the wall. Once removed, the glue residue needs to be removed as well.

Modern bedroom wall decorated with vibrant dark blue wallpaper featuring a dense tropical leaf and flower pattern, paired with a minimalist white side table and a plush velvet cushion.

Precision and Renewal

From there we measure, cut, and hang wallpaper that literally changes the look and feel of the room. Whether it’s a bathroom or a dining room, we take pride in making sure everything looks perfect when finished.

More on Wallpaper

Old Wallpaper

Old Wallpaper does not usually come off nicely. It was glued on securely in the first place not to come off. Thus, the peeling and scraping can bring down tiny pieces and take a long time. There are tools, heat guns and products to speed up the process, and we cover all your floors, furniture and electronics to prevent dust or wallpaper pieces from touching anything. We pack up and haul away all the old wallpaper scraps, too.

Wall Prep

Wall Prep is the key to success ahead of any new wall covering. Our Paintworks crew knows how to clean off old glue, repair holes or imperfections and smooth uneven walls. Each surface needs to be examined from every angle, wiped and cleaned perfectly before the wallpaper roll is opened and glue is mixed. Quality preparation and efficiency are the hallmarks of our wallpaper projects.

Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging Wallpaper is as much an art form as a skill. While it can require large tables, big rolls, wide brushes and a large volume of the correct adhesive product, it also involves experienced hands and keen eyes. Depending on the pattern, the installation team might have to line up animals or flowers or buildings, and that demands precision between strips and the sharpest blade for cutting top and bottom. Wallpapering into corners, behind bookcases, for backsplashes and around bathroom fixtures demands experience and proficiency.

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Borders are wonderful decorative accessories which can match or contrast with the wallpaper or simply stand alone in a painted room. Many are placed near the ceiling for a high edge of interest, and several can be seen running around the middle of a room above or below a chair rail or simply solo. In the place of a chair rail at mid-height, a border can offer the creative opportunity to paint one color from the border below it and another color above it, or install wallpaper only below or above and paint the other section. The trick installing wallpaper borders is keeping it level and parallel to the ceiling and floor with the precise amount of the right glue product. We have all the tools and experience to add a wallpaper border in any room.

Creative Wallpaper

Creative Wallpaper treatments can be found on the back of bookcase shelves or any shelves. If you’re not positive about a wallpapered room, we’ll wallpaper one wall for an accent to the space. You can frame a piece of wallpaper, large or small, for another wall and use it to line drawers. Innovative uses include wallpaper on the ceiling, in your closet, on recessed door panels or on the stair risers.

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With over 25 years of experience installing and removing wallpaper in the Upper East Side, Brooklyn Heights, Forest Hills, Scarsdale, and more we have the insurance, confidence, and crew to handle any sized project.

Free Wallpapering Estimates in New York and New Jersey


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