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Manhattan Wall Panel Molding Installation

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Historic wall box molding in modern Manhattan home

NYC Box Molding and Chair Rail Carpentry

Louis XIV, aka the Sun King, was King of France for 72 years and 110 days, eking past the late great Queen Elizabeth II on her throne for 70 years and 214 days. Among his plethora of significant accomplishments were architectural feats in which he played a leading design role. He embraced symmetry and all manner of molding, from simple box style like seen here to extravagant ornate kinds. And like the king, this client loves blending old and new, historical with modern, classic and contemporary.

Our Paintworks team walked alongside the homeowner to craft their vision into reality, assisting with molding size, profile and color. Success on a project like this one is dependent upon intricate planning and superior attention to details, once everyone is on the same drawing page for the same outcome. Precise measuring, constant level monitoring, exact placement and meticulous installation are imperative. That’s all before expertly applying Benjamin Moore’s luminous, elegant, Dove Wing paint. We are all confident the room is ready for a spot of tea and croissants or crumpets with any king or queen, and we knew from the beginning it “woodwork”!

At beginning, marking walls, planning ahead
Installing wall molding level, square, and right
Precision, experienced tradesmen at work
Box molding installed, ready for expert painting
Classy wall trim in luxury NYC residence

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