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Union Square Office Painter

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Manhattan Workplace Painting Contractor 

Multiple studies on work place environments all point to increased job productivity, satisfaction and performance in a clean, bright space. Additionally, attractive office surroundings can be a positive influence factor in reducing turnover. This new tech start-up company in Manhattan values its employees and strives to provide a pleasant, sleek, modern workplace with abundant natural daylight.

A huge part of any project, especially painting and maybe even moreso spray painting, is preparation. Activating the nozzle and being experienced in operating the equipment is imperative, but frequently protecting the surrounding spaces is equally essential.

And we work in many large spaces, like this one. The volume of plastic, brown masking paper and tape can be considerable. Once we covered floors, windows and anything which was not to be painted, we expertly applied jet black paint to the ceilings and ductwork. It matches their corporate branding and interior furnishings.

Then we painted the walls all white to provide maximum natural light reflection and the perfect contemporary contrast. We are professional painters, wallpaper hangers and interior construction contractors on the move, but if we were office operatives, we’d like to work here. Union Square is a very cool neighborhood, and Union Square Greenmarket is an awesome farmer’s market open year round. From milk, eggs and maple syrup to beef, pork, chicken, farm fresh produce and more, the market is a fantastic place to support small scale farming and the regional farmers who bring fresh food to market, for all of us.

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