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Midtown East Commercial Wallpapering

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Restaurant Wallpaper Installation

The condition of restrooms in a business, and perhaps even moreso in a restaurant, can impact the bottom line. Consumers do – consciously or subconsciously – make judgment calls about a business based on their perception of cleanliness in the bathroom. Well-maintained, sanitary facilities are linked to a positive, overall impression of a company. In the case of an eatery, well, clean in the restroom bodes well for someone thinking it’s probably also clean in the kitchen.

For this Midtown East restaurant in Manhattan, we removed old wallpaper to prepare for new wallpaper. Taking down wallpaper entails not only pulling it off and disposing of it all, but also scraping and sanding away old glue and any wall imperfections before setting up for the new covering. Bathrooms are famous for water and humidity, so impeccably prepping the surface assures a long-lasting wallpaper installation.

Putting up wallpaper entails a multi-prong approach to managing large sheets of the product, glue on one side and precision placement to line up the print horizontally from big piece to the adjacent big piece. Hand-eye coordination reaches new levels, along with not getting glue on your elbows, countertop, sinks, sconces or mirrors. There’s a little bit of acrobatic motion involved. Smoothing it and trimming meticulously follows. This handsome, light butterscotch wallpaper contrasts comfortably with the dark wood trim as well as the white molding strip above the backsplash. Between the art deco Chrysler building, awesome skyscrapers, classy residences, 5th Avenue shopping,  Madison Avenue advertising firms and a plethora of interesting restaurants, visitors and residents all expect neat, fresh, spotless, nicely appointed restrooms.

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