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Old Tappan Exterior House Painting Contractor

As time marches on, paint chips, water leaks, siding rots and things get dirty. One smart homeowner in Old Tappan, N.J., needed some light exterior repairs and was ready for a fresh, new look. A suburb of the Big Apple, this borough has a storied history dating back to 1682, being formally incorporated in 1894. Residents enjoy pretty streets, summer evening concerts in the park, pickleball programs, a town-wide garage sale and Stokes Farm on 23 DeWolf Road. It’s open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and they’ve been growing fresh produce, herbs and flowers for more than 150 years!

The house we encountered did indeed have leak issues, and those were remedied with appropriate weather-stripping materials. We replaced water-rotted siding, removed dull, faded, chipping tan paint and soft-washed the entire exterior. Soft-washing is a few notches down from power-washing, and as the phrase implies, it is a more gentle version of prepping the surface for painting. We use professional cleaning solutions and specially-designed low-pressure nozzles to achieve a very clean exterior without disturbing siding panels, gutters, downspouts, window trim or nearby vegetation.

That medium butterscotch may have been appealing for a long time, but we were blown away with the rich patriot blue. It definitely elevates this house from weary to wonderful, dull to dramatic, mundane to marvelous. The crispy white window trim offers an amazing contrast, and if there had been any little note of bright red, we might have saluted the house.


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