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West Village Duplex Painter

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West Village Interior Painting

There’s an often quoted line first attributed to the Greek poet Menander [circa 300 B.C.] that “time is the healer of all necessary evils” or “time heals all wounds.” Well, the passage of time can offer emotional relief, but in reality, time creates all kinds of wounds in a building. From dingy walls and wear and tear on every surface to cracks and gaps in walls, between trim and walls and anywhere the passage of time and gravitational forces are present, which is everywhere.

In this charming historical West Village neighborhood, a homeowner began preparing a  duplex home for sale and called us in for painting and repairing gaps which had appeared between crown molding, ceiling, walls and baseboards. Any separation gaps like the one in the photo below will turn off even the most interested buyer. The fix requires elastometric caulking or sealant, a novel product which not only fills gaps but has a pliability which moves with the building and molding across time. Despite its flexibility, referred to as dynamic joint movement, elastometric products are durable and strong.

Elastometric sealants come in polymer and acrylic-based versions, and we are knowledgeable and experienced in what types are best for which applications. Here we sealed up everything neatly, then painted the entire place. Voila! Ready for listing, ready for new residents. This home may sell fast, so the new owners can revel in West Village life. The Whitney Museum of American Art, Jefferson Market Library and Cherry Lane Theatre beckon frequent visits. Residents and visitors alike flock to enjoy historical vibes at One If By Land Two If By Sea, the contemporary euro ambiance at Amelie Wine Bar & Bistro and cafes along Bleecker Street, parks and tranquil Hudson River views.  

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