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Upper West Side Door Framing

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Manhattan Door Carpentry

There are many good times to spruce up your home – prior to selling, before the in-laws visit, when you’re ready for a change, even before a baby comes to the scene. There’s a time to get things done, and a time to be done with any dust, debris, equipment and workers. This family in Manhattan decided to re-arrange some space before the baby was born (and the in-laws might visit!).

Our experienced carpenter crew slipped in to frame a new doorway. Once all was measured, we cut and installed the door jambs on each vertical side, plus the door jamb stop on the closing side, the head jamb or head casing on top and the threshold or sill on the bottom. We added the door trim pieces and precisely measured for the hardware. The hinges have to be installed perfectly on the side jamb of the door for it to hang level and swing properly. The lever doorknob also needed to be positioned correctly so it lines up to close effectively.

Door framing and installation require several tools and knowledge of plumb, square and level. There’s no guessing involved. This door has been expertly hung, and the soon-to-be parents are still mulling over paint or stain and what color it should be. While we were already there, and our team is versatile in myriad skill sets, we tiled a wall in the bathroom. Paintworks offers a one-stop shop of expert tradesmen for all your door, wall, ceiling, renovation and other interior modifications. We could even gently rock the baby in a pinch.

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