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West Village Skim Coating

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West Village is dubbed one of New York City’s most beloved neighborhoods for a modern melding of its rich history in architecture and cobblestone streets with contemporary vibes in boutiques, music, restaurants and nightlife. It’s the kind of place you want to step out in style and step back in to a graceful, residential interior. These homeowners were exceptionally clever in changing out the flooring, adding new baseboards and wanting the walls to appear perfectly smooth and painted like new.

Well, that’s one place we shine with our skim coating experts who work with the finest tools available. Skim coating is a precision method of smoothing walls of all imperfections by applying multiple light coats of joint compound or comparable plaster product. Level 5 skimming blades are the best in the business with high precision 0.3mm or other small blade inserts. The proprietary blade edge and unique shape – in the hands of an experienced skim coat tradesman – offer consistent, high quality results.

When the skim coat process is complete, the top coats of paint produce museum quality walls or ones which look like they were put up yesterday. In fact, many of the historical homes in Manhattan are more than 100 years old. This living room space exhibits a sleek, flawless, fresh appearance with the superior wall finish, updated flooring and new baseboards. It is indeed a graceful, residential interior to step into.

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