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Long Island City Window Frame Spraying

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Freshly repaired, cleaned, primed and painted metal window and door frames

L.I.C. Metal Window Painter

Metal window frames offer an attractive, contemporary look with a touch of industrial style and a nod to the storied history of New York City. They also present a modern, uncomplicated accent to a home’s interior. Factor in durability, strength, heat insulation, fire resistance and minimal routine maintenance, and you have a wonderful, stylish architectural component. About the only eye sore in metal window frames is when they are scratched, aging and the wrong color for your décor.

This family grew weary of old beige metal around the glass panes which was showing wear and tear from the years. They decided to change to a chic, sleek black and would like us to make it happen in the five days they would be out of town. We arrived after they departed and began covering, masking and protecting everything within a spray range of paint. Work like this with metal begins with a thorough denatured alcohol cleaning and drying.

We sprayed the primer, which assures the paint will bond to the metal via the primer before spraying the finish coats. The door to the balcony got sprayed as well, and except for these sensationally new black metal window frames (and door), the family never knew we were there. You know the old hiking adage: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. We take pictures, but never do we leave behind footprints – we leave yet another excellent project finished on time within budget.

Dull brown, tired, scratched window frames in need of cleaning, light repair, prime and new chic black paint.

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