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Midtown East Wainscoting Design and Installation

There are many ways to add character and class to your home, and one is designing wall molding in a shape, style and texture that fits your taste in interior décor. This Manhattan family had a new home and wanted to add some style with decorative molding on the walls before moving in. They also asked us to remove some ugly built-in shelving as well.

Trim, wainscoting and molding come in many widths with designs in the wood. From elegant narrow strips to chunky wide layers, 3-D wall molding transforms any room from dull to dignified, mundane to marvelous. Life in Manhattan has an energetic vibe and an unparalleled diversity in people, food, cultures and opportunities. After a busy day in and around the ever-humming hustle, it’s nice to go home to comfy rooms that wrap you in friendly, intimate spaces.

The clients were not sure how to approach the project, so we brought them six samples of molding profiles which would add a sophisticated statement to the living room and the den. They selected different ones for each room and settled on the design. Then we set to work measuring and marking the walls for accuracy and level before cutting the trim to fit. Molding installation calls for meticulous craftsmanship using levels, rulers and T-squares to assure everything lines up perfectly square and perfectly parallel. Following that is priming and painting, also to perfection. These interior walls exude a level of grace and dignity that enhances the overall ambience and visual appeal. When the project was complete, each room was now all dressed up, even without furniture, rugs and lamps.

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