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The elegance of crown molding.

Custom Crown Molding Install in Bedstuy 

Almost anything with “crown” in its name connotes sophistication, refinement, even royalty. And crown molding is no exception. When you want to dress up a room on a budget, crown molding is one fine way to accomplish it. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all embraced crown molding in architecture, and it was a symbol of wealth and status. Interior crown molding, whether plain or elaborate, hides the seam between ceiling and wall while adding an elegant component to the overall décor.

We were excited to add character to this Bedstuy brownstone with both crown molding and window trim molding. Prep is always our first order of business, covering floors and furnishings as necessary. Once measured, well, twice measured, we cut and install, then fill all nail holes and caulk any gaps. Here we painted the walls in Wickham white while the trim got a semi-gloss coat for a light sheen. The room is still the same dimensions, and the interior style has been subtly enhanced with the vintage chic touch of crown molding and window trim.

Boring without crown molding.

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