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Manhattan Custom Radiator Cover

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Manhattan Custom Built-ins

Many of the older apartment and condo-converted buildings in New York City offer beaucoup charm with handsome hardwood floors, abundant and exquisite trim and glamourous light fixtures. Much of the electrical has been updated in kitchen and bathrooms with GFCI outlets, and window glass that no longer contains ripples offers city, skyline and river views. But it’s simply not possible to retrofit the HVAC systems, and thus, many of these enchanting abodes contain somewhat unsightly heat registers.

When faced with what to do about camouflaging the registers while still receiving the glorious warmth in winter, call on us. We offer classic, custom, built-in solutions that not only hide the register, but also provide you with additional storage space and attractive custom grates and escape holes for heat. In this recent project, we replaced the window sill as well to make everything flush and beautiful. We’ll work with you on a plan for style, size and color – we can paint your new register cabinet any color under the sun. It becomes yet another charming component of your overall décor. We’ve done this before, and we’ll do again. And again. And again. Custom cabinet register covers are the way to go, and we are ones to craft precisely what you want.

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