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Refreshing Walls, Trim and Brazilian Cherry Floors 

When you connect the dots between a small grocery store in Sweden founded in 1919, coffee and floor polish, what do you get? Well, in a stunning turn of events, the floor product takes center stage. Wilhelm Edner founded the food shop and loved more than anything selling coffee to his customers. He made a protective polishing agent named “bonvax” for wood floors. In 1953, the floor sealer now known as Bona was introduced in the European floor market. Six years later, Bona had its own building in Sweden, and 19 years later, a plant opened in Germany, expanding the product line along the way.

In 1987, Bona entered the U.S. market, first available to professionals, and in 2002, for sale to consumers. Fast forward to 2023 when a Brooklyn Heights family was craving some interior updates after years in this residence. We moved all the furniture to refinish these exotic Brazilian cherry hardwood floors with Bona’s superior products. Sanding floors is intensive work. Getting all those minute particles removed before applying sealer and clear finish coats is equally demanding. Our teams are experienced in all facets of floor refinishing, and they glow almost as much as the beautifully-revived wood grain when the job is done.

But this project was not yet done. We went on to paint the walls, trim and living room built-ins before placing the furniture back where we first found it. We were especially cautious to protect the kids’ height markers on their door frame, so they can marvel that they were once so short. And their parents marvel at the sensational transformation in their home with newly rejuvenated hardwood floors and freshly painted walls and trim. We marvel that more than 100 years ago a man in Sweden who loved coffee ended up launching a global floor product business.

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