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Manhattan Façade Painter

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SoHo Commercial Painter

Among the many challenges of exterior painting is weather. We cannot paint in rain, sleet, snow or temperatures under 38 degrees. According to Benjamin Moore, painting projects can be accomplished between 35 and 100 degrees, with 77 being optimal. Other considerations include humidity, direct sunshine and paint temperature. Ideally, the paint and outdoor temps should be the same.

Our special project for Cult Gaia’s new Soho flagship store to open in 3 days included ordering dry, warm-enough weather, removing graffiti and prepping the stunning outdoor entranceway for coats of brilliant, clean, fresh, white paint. The weather finally cooperated. We sent over a 7-person crew with a boom lift and all the paint and gear needed to get this incredible shop’s street front portal dazzling, like the merchandise inside, and we had 72 hours to do it.

Launched in 2012, Cult Gaia designs for “someone who is really easygoing, effortless, pays attention to subtle details. Her statement pieces are her accessories. She puts her bag in bed at night. She loves luxury, but doesn’t think she needs $7,000 to obtain that.” The fashions are “objets d’art” with the goal “to curate a wardrobe full of magic, one that glows with each accessory.” Shopping here is classy, stunning, unique and inspiring. Painting here was the same. Taking the once mottled, neglected, classic corner entry architecture back to its glory and radiance was as formidable as it was satisfying.

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