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West Village Baseboard Installation

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Manhattan Baseboard Molding Carpentry 

Dyke’s Lumber Company started in 1909, the same year The New York Times published its first movie review (for Pippa Passes, a silent movie which ran 14 minutes and 10 seconds). Carrying on its 114-year tradition of quality materials, excellent service and integrity, Dykes is often our go-to choice for superior molding and trim products. Fine quality baseboards and expert craftsmanship are required for the final seamless appearance.

Baseboards serve more purposes and functions than many people realize and installing all new ones takes a precision approach to that visible, perpendicular contact point between wall and floor. It takes time, patience and a variety of tools to remove old baseboards. Then we evaluate damage, uneven wallboard or flooring, old paint or crusty caulking and devise a comprehensive plan to prep everything for new baseboards. There’s measuring, cutting, cornering, nailing and caulking, as well as priming and painting the new baseboard molding. Handsome baseboards enhance the overall appearance in any room, and combined with perfectly skim-coated walls and new flooring, this living room in West Village evokes a distinctive comfy, classy ambiance.

After old baseboard removed, many tasks to clean up before new baseboard installed.

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