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Sunlit Coral (2170-60) on Nursery Walls and Ceiling

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Upper West Side Apartment Painter

The Rochester Institute of Technology, 332 miles northwest of the Big Apple, offers a master of science degree in Color Science. According to its website, it’s “a unique master’s degree that decodes how humans perceive and interact with color, providing limitless real-world applications. At the only university in the nation offering this program of study, you will be exposed to the rich, dynamic field of color science through theory and practical application.” Now there’s a graduate program that seriously looks fascinating and fun.

We just love when clients go bold with color. This family had their new home painted before moving in, and we used nine colors throughout the spaces. Every newly painted wall in every room radiated energy and emotion as we brushed and rolled the new colors. Some of us might even have been humming a lively tune as we worked.

Imagine a wee one, fairly new to our world, waking up enveloped in this bold, cheerful shade of pink. Benjamin Moore has named it Sunlit Coral, for having a whisper of orange mingled into a courageous and striking fuchsia color. This was one very vibrant, energetic, happy project, for what we suspect is one very vibrant, energetic, happy family, with an abundant measure of bold and beautiful throughout their new home.

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