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Mural Wallpaper Installation NYC

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Manhattan Custom Wallpaper Hanging

Instant coffee has a storied history that stretches around the globe, and instant coffee today has a prominent place in the New York City headquarters of Ground Up Coffee & Tea. The company, which ships around the world, was founded by a 3rd generation instant coffee drinker and is dedicated to developing and delivering differentiated coffee and tea. Consumers have always appreciated the convenience afforded by instant coffee. The recent shift toward high grade coffees made with cutting edge processing technology adds premium flavor to the simplicity and portability of instant coffee.  The result is an unmatched experience at the cup and corresponding surge in demand. http://www.gucoffeetea.net.

And while they innovate in the instant coffee and tea arena, they engage a creative approach to making their work space an instant hit with employees and visitors. When Ground Up moved to a new office, they had a custom-styled wallpaper mural designed.  We were the lucky ones who got to install it and keep from getting mixed up on whether we were indoors or outside. The green fields of coffee-growing shrubs, hills beyond and backdrop of mountains are complemented with a captivating motley sky.  

We delicately carved out duct work and air vents while taping and plastering the doorway for a seamless look, except for the hinges and handle. It’s intricate work that our team of craftsmen finds challenging and rewarding. Once we picked up our drop cloths, tables, scaffolding and supplies, we really did not want to depart this glorious mountain scene for the urban concrete and skyscraper scene – like from one jungle to another.

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