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Painting Shake Shack on The Upper East Side

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Upper East Side Commercial Painting Contractor

Whether you are popping into Target for socks or Walgreens for shampoo, when you’re on East 86th Street, for sure carve out time for Shake Shack. With humble beginnings of a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, the company has expanded worldwide to 436 locations, six of them in the Big Apple. This Upper East Side street has its own non-profit association “to improve the quality of life along the East 86th Street corridor.” There’s lots going on here, and we worked all around the business schedule and daily urban action in and around Shake Shack.

We were honestly honored to get called in to paint yet another Shake Shack without sacrificing one shake order – or one shackburger order, for which it’s also very well-known. Our project was to prime and paint all the woodwork, plus plaster and paint the ceiling. Obviously, protecting e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. inside the eatery was imperative, so that was task one. Once things were sufficiently covered, our team set to work and worked all night, beginning at 11 p.m., when many Shake Shack customers were snuggling in for the night.

The restaurant opened on time at 10 a.m., and many well-rested regulars strolled in for frozen custard, fresh lemonade, a shake, some fries and maybe their awesome sweet-n-salty peanut butter and bacon shackburger, oh my! We actually did this two nights in a row to finish the project, freshen the restaurant and provide our excellent services, which we do often in the night for retail businesses. We love all our commercial clients and willingly do our work around their work, so everyone gets to work, on time.

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