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Charlotte Russe Store Painter NYC

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Brooklyn Retail Space Commercial Painter

The mail must go through. The show must go on. The store must open on time. We were up and out early, arriving at Kings Plaza in Brooklyn before 6 a.m. to set up, prep and paint the accent inset walls to match other walls. The results delivered a cleaner, more consistent interior environment for shoppers and staff.

The Charlotte Russe store chain was founded in 1975 by three brothers who grew up in the clothing business in Brooklyn. They headed west and opened their business in California, naming it for a favorite childhood dessert. Charlotte Russe cake is a delightful confection of ladyfingers, Bavarian cream and fresh fruit. And this Charlotte Russe store is a delightful shop for stylish clothes, trendy footwear and contemporary accessories. All painted and pretty and open at 11 a.m. same day.

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