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Stonington Gray on Trim

Gray is often heralded for a classy, neutral interior statement, and what better place to come home to an elegant lifestyle than Park Avenue. Named for its lush park-like greenery, the center of the wide boulevard initially held a railway track for the New York & Harlem Railroad. Once that was gone, different sections were planted, and eventually the entire length of Fourth Avenue was renamed Park Avenue.

In the early 1980s, a group of concerned residents banded together to preserve iron fences and garden areas which had deteriorated. Dubbed Patrons of Park Avenue (POPA –  http://www.patronsofparkavenue.org ), the new organization worked alongside the city parks department (which owns the mall land strips) and a landscape architect to restore the trees and plantings. POPA is still very active supporting the maintenance and plants in these lush outdoor malls which enhance life on Park Avenue.

Meanwhile, this luxury home needed a new interior vision to do away with some very weird designs and mottled paint. In keeping with the calm intent for the room, the client selected Benjamin Moore’s Calm paint for the walls. This soothing shade of white sports a soft hint of lavender-gray. The trim color of Stonington Gray added just a little punch to frame the space at the top and bottom where generous molding meets the ceiling and the floor. This is now a gracious place for sweet dreams.

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