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Crown Molding Installation Carpentry NYC

It’s almost too cliché to say, but crown molding really does add a crowning touch to any room. From ornate columns in ancient days to European palaces, McMansions, castles, manor houses, brownstones, luxury condos and humble American craftsman dwellings, crown molding serves more purposes than just exhibiting wealth and opulence.

White crown molding and trim installed in a room with gray walls, featuring a recessed ceiling light.

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Brief Overview of Crown Molding

The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks treasured these high up, fancy adornments, having them carved meticulously in stone. Chisels and a variety of small tools were used on different kinds of rock in a painstakingly long process at the building site. The creativity coming out of the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) included large planing machines. Coupled with a robust source of wood and sawmill operations, molding could now be made in volume much faster and shipped elsewhere.

From a simple wood strip with one long horizontal wave in it to more elaborate pieces or multiple pieces installed snugly next to one another for a grand design statement, there is a crown molding at least for every living room, dining room, den and family room. It hides the seam where a ceiling meets the wall and can cover cracks and imperfections as well. It can also add decorative accents to doors and cabinets. Crown molding can be stained light, medium or dark, painted to match or painted to add an elegant contrast.

Choosing new crown molding is like shopping for hiking boots – that’s the fun part. Installing it (or breaking in those new boots on the Timp-Torne Trail in Bear Mountain State Park or a 5-mile stroll through Central Park) can be fraught with challenges. And blisters.

A worker cutting a piece of crown molding with a power saw on a workbench in a room under renovation.

The tricky parts of handling and installing crown molding are abundant and best left to our team of decorative experts and proficient craftsmen.

  • Which kind of molding is best for the room

  • What sort of wood

  • Will it be painted or stained

  • What is the best paint or stain

  • Should the material be primed first

  • Is fiberboard molding appropriate

  • When to use PVC molding

  • Selecting the best molding for your home style

  • Simple vs. compound crown molding

  • Transporting 8-foot or 12-foot molding pieces
  • Measuring out a plan before one single cut
  • Accurately sawing 
  • Mitering corners
  • Knowing where best to put the seams
  • Fitting seamlessly
  • Understanding nails, screws, wall and ceiling materials
  • Knowing all the adhesive products available
  • Having all the tools on hand

  • Figuring out when to use blocks

  • Protecting furniture, floors, electronics during installation

  • Dealing with uneven or not square walls or ceiling

  • Having extensive experience with crown molding installation 

  • Camouflaging nails or screws

  • Priming, painting or staining

  • Finishing seams

  • And more … 

Crown molding adds a fine accent to any room when selected intelligently, handled correctly, installed precisely and finished beautifully. You will love living and entertaining in a room where crown molding adds an enduring, architectural touch of sophistication and charm.

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