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How to Maintain and Paint Fire Protection Systems for Facility Managers

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Fire protection systems are required to be painted and maintained to comply with code §28-315.2.


This allows for easy identification and labeling.

What are Fire Protection Systems?

Fire protection systems include fire extinguishing, sprinkler, standpipe, and fire alarm systems. They are required in many NYC buildings and are necessary to prevent injuries and deaths from fires.

What needs to be painted?

  1. Painting of exposed portions of the sprinkler system including risers, cross connections and handles of valves.
  2. Painting of certain exposed portions of standpipe systems and handles of valves.

All standpipes and sprinkler risers must be painted red; the color-coding of pipes must be certified by a licensed design professional. Below is a comprehensive guide:

What to do next?

Hire a licensed and insured painting company to properly paint your systems. Ensure they use the right paint spec. Using the right paint spec ensures the paint bonds well. The pipes should be checked every year for possible chipping or peeling paint.

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