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Door Installation Carpentry NYC

Repair and Installation of doors, frames, jambs, thresholds, knobs, hinges

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Door Replacement

Doors and doorways are literally and figuratively an integral part of our daily lives. They provide safety, security, privacy, and energy efficiency and contribute to an overall décor scheme. Like our knees, cars, and coffeemakers, they are not given much attention until they do not function well, or you need one where there is not an opening, or you no longer need one where it is. The latter is the easiest task, removing the door, hardware, frame and putting up a new wall. Once primed and painted, the wall will look like it was always there. We can do that.

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Framing for doorways

Framing for a new door, replacing a door and fixing a poorly operating door takes a unique skill set, attention to detail to 1/10th of an inch or less, myriad tools and the precision of an architect and an engineer. We can do that, too.

A before-and-after comparison of a bathroom door installation, showing an open doorway on the left and a newly installed wooden door on the right.

The place must be prepped sufficiently and checked for level and square. For this project, are nails or an adhesive best? What kind of nails? Which type of glue or caulking material? What about the one that has a little wiggle room to adjust to indoor environmental changes? Prime, stain or paint – first or last? How to align seams and make perfect corners, along with precision measurements, cutting and positioning, all take knowledge, skills, and experience.

Our craftsmen are expert in managing all facets of planning, prepping, cutting, installing and finishing baseboards of all kinds. If it’s out there, we’ve seen it, touched it, moved it, sawed it, sanded it, painted it and placed it in the perfect way to function as intended and add some level of refinement to a room, even if no one notices.

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The Jargon

The doorway is the space where a door frame and door will go. A door frame consists of fairly basic parts – two sides, a bottom and a top. The vertical sides are jambs, a word also used in reference to the vertical sides of windows and fireplaces. The bottom of the frame is a door sill (exterior door) or threshold (interior), and the top horizontal piece is the head jamb.

A sliding barn door with a wooden diagonal panel design installed in an interior doorway.

Framing for a door involves a fair amount of measuring, along with making sure the new frame is installed square at the corners, level on the top and bottom and plumb for the vertical component. Once the framing is complete, a stop piece of wood is installed in the middle of the sides and top against which the door actually stops when closed. More measuring occurs for placing the hinges, most often three of them, in the exact place to support the door and permit its opening and closing snugly inside the door frame.

A doorknob or lever handle needs to be installed in three places – on the door to operate it, on the side of the door where its latch or deadbolt will come out and on the frame where the latch or deadbolt will enter for a secure closure.

Free Carpentry Estimates in New York & New Jersey!

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A before-and-after comparison of a door installation, showing an empty doorway on the left and a newly installed wooden door on the right.


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