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A person applying a stain or paint to a brick wall using a brush, demonstrating the process of transforming the brick’s appearance.

Brick Staining vs Brick Painting

When searching for ways to update the brick exteriors of home or business, many people fall into the confusion over which is better, brick staining or brick painting. These simple terms come with larger implications on the future of your home or business’s aesthetic depending on your choice. To help ease people’s confusion allow we are here help to provide you knowledge on how to choose.  See the differences and our process by clicking the down arrow. 

Staining vs Painting

The Differences

Metal surfaces exist in three types: ferrous, nonferrous, and alloys. While most of them conduct heat and electricity, their characteristics present different approaches to and products for painting.

Brick Staining

Brick staining is faster and easier to apply that painting. Brick staining brings out the natural texture and tones of the brick instead of hiding them with paint. The stain grasps onto the brick rather than engulfing it like paint. In that respect the stain’s properties act more like dye to the brick than a paint. Stain is a great option to keep the natural timeless elegance of bricks while providing surface protection.

Painted Brick

Painted brick requires more maintenance. On average you will need to repaint brick walls every 3-5 years depending on whether they are interior or exterior brick. This is a result of common adhesion problems that come with painting brick. This includes efflorescence, where white salt deposits form on the surface of old brick. These salt deposits lie beneath the paint and as a result cause it to tear and peel off.

Unlike with brick staining when you paint brick, the paint engulfs the brick. The paint lies on top of the brick and creates thick, flat finish. Some would say this causes the brick to lose its natural feel and texture.

Painted brick also begins to chip because the paint traps moisture onto the brick. The latex barrier of paint does not allow the moisture to flow on and the bricks to breath. With no place to escape from the paint begins to blister and pore. This buildup of moisture can cause your paint to degenerate and your bricks to suffer water damage.


On the plus side, painting brick allows you to use colors that are not available through staining or natural bare bricks.

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The Similarities

There are some similarities when it comes to the two processes. Both staining and painting come with the same prep. At Paintworks & Decorating we thoroughly clean the bricks surface and allow it to dry fully before we start to paint or stain it. Both processes can change the entire look and feel of the brick. These options help heighten and refresh the curb appeal of your home or workplace. Staining or painting is a great 2 for 1, beautify your brick surfaces and protect it from damage.

Brick Staining Contractor NYC - Our Process


To determine if your brick wall can be stained by we start splashing a small cup of water onto the brick. This is done to see if the water runs off without being absorbed. If its not absorbed, it has a coat of sealant that will require removal. To remove the sealant we use lacquer thinner or commercial brick and concrete sealer stripper. This leaves your bricks bare ready to absorb the stain.


We then test the stain on a small piece of the brick. If this test does not produce a color that is not what you want, we can darken it by adding more pigment to it or lighten the tone by adding water.


Once we have a color and tone you like, we spread the stain onto the brick. In our professional process we spread the stain initially one thin layer, then we wait 24 hours, and then we add another second coat.


Depending on your choice of application we can give the stain and brick a natural flow to it by moving the brush in a constant direction. Or we can provide a more uniformed application by using a clean rag to wipe the stain onto the brick. This will allow it to seep into the brick a bit more than a brush would allow it.

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