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Metal Window Frame Painting

Licensed and Insured Electrostatic Window Frame Painters

Metal Window Frame and Metal Paneling Painting in NYC

Noticed scratches on your metal window frames? Or do you see sections of your window frame where the paint has worn off? Maybe you want to the color and feel of the window frames. No matter what the case, Paintworks and Decorating has experience all types of metal window frames.

Photo of a modern living room with painted metal window frames and paneling, showcasing a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture.

Interior and Exterior Metal Window Frame Painters

Inside or out we can make your window frames look like new. Painting the window mullions takes proper preparation, the right paint, and the electrostatic spray machine that ensures that the new paint will bond to the metal.

Photo of a luxurious modern living and dining area with large panoramic windows providing a scenic waterfront view. The interior features a sleek white and purple color scheme, contemporary furniture including white sofas and dining chairs, and sophisticated decor elements like a chandelier and decorative vases.

Aluminum Window Frame Painting Contractor

Painting window frames/mullions the same color as your walls can lead to a seamless transition from wall to the window. We have painted metal window frames in loft apartments, retail stores, penthouses, converted warehouses, and more. Curious about options for painting your window frames? Call us or click below to get in touch.

Interior and Exterior Metal Paneling Painting

Protect your building’s metal paneling inside and out with proper maintenance painting and cleaning. We use the correct industrial products that protect metal from sun, water, snow, ice – with the experience to apply them correctly.

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Painting Metal

Metal surfaces exist in three types: ferrous, nonferrous, and alloys. While most of them conduct heat and electricity, their characteristics present different approaches to and products for painting.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals contain iron and are known for tensile strength, like stainless steel.

Nonferrous Metals

Nonferrous metals have no iron and are valued for their resistance to corrosion and rust.


Alloys combine metals or a metal with another non-metallic element, like copper and zinc make brass.

The most common metals in architecture and construction are lead, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, brass and cast iron or wrought iron, and stainless steel. The longevity and attractive appearance of metal make it especially appealing in window frames and fences. Many of the old buildings around New York City and northern New Jersey were designed with metal window frames precisely for strength and enduring appeal.

Despite its distinctive stability, metal requires routine maintenance and protection from the elements and time. This provides myriad creative solutions for colors and incorporates window frames into an overall style and interior and exterior design strategy.

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Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is a highly specialized method of covering the metal with paint embedded with an electrical charge which uniquely causes the paint to adhere to the opposite charged surface of the metals. Any metal with iron in it, including many kinds of steel, has magnetic properties which make electrostatic painting ideal.

With experts on the job, electrostatic painting can be done faster with a high transfer efficiency and minimum environmental concerns. It’s easy to reach corners and out-of-the-way spots because the paint will seek out its opposite charged surface, and sprayed paint can be applied comfortably in odd-to-reach places.


Mullions and window frames are small in volume compared the glass they frame, and expert preparation is imperative to preserve all the glass panes and surrounding area. Depending on the age and condition of the metal, it may require cleaning with specially formulated products, plus several sessions with different grades of sandpaper and steel wool. Interior windows require a different primer and paint product than exterior frames, and we can guide you in the best choices and the process. You may want one color inside and a different color on the outside.

Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels used to be more common outside than inside, but the appeal of industrial style has brought metal beams, stairway railings and wall panels to interiors. Loft apartments in renovated industrial buildings in New York City command top dollar for residents opting for a modern, chic, sleek nest while embracing the historical quality. And these classy residences most often come with [drum roll] metal window frames.

Exterior Fences

Exterior fences, railings and window frames are much more susceptible to deterioration over time from sun, wind, rain, ice and human use. These usually need more prep to remove old paint, rust and scratches before cleaning and priming. We have the experience and equipment to revamp all your metal frames, fences and railings to like new again.

Free Metal Frame or Paneling Painting Estimates in New York & New Jersey!


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