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Before and after photos of a ceiling: the first shows significant damage with exposed pink plaster, the second shows the same ceiling smoothly repaired and painted white.

Are your walls wavy? Are there rough patches mixed with uneven layers of paint on your walls? Refresh your walls with professional skim coating. It’s like installing new walls in your home!

Skim Coat Over Popcorn Ceilings!

See our video to see how we can make ugly popcorn disappear. Update your ceilings without releasing asbestos into the air or spending tons of money on an asbestos removal company.

Licensed and Insured Skim Coating Contractors

Are you tired of looking at orange peel texture on your walls? Do your ceilings have cracks, popcorn or some other ugly texture? Paintworks & Decorating has years of experience giving clients’ walls and ceilings a perfectly smooth consistent look and feel.


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Skim Coating and Drywall Repair Estimates in New York and New Jersey

Skim coating is a phenomenal technique that rejuvenates walls and ceilings to a new condition, akin to museum quality. Some of the main reasons for employing skim coating are to correct damaged walls, smooth new drywall, replace old textured surfaces and cover an outdated appearance.

The complex process is best done by a professional. Our Paintworks teams have decades of experience with the approach, the prep, materials, tools and methods for making walls and ceilings perfectly level and smooth. All the surrounding furnishings, appliances and electronics, plus floors and rugs, are covered for maximum protection.

We roll in with the ladders, scaffolding, supplies and equipment, including but not limited to laser levels, bubble levels, brushes, rollers, sprayers, trowels, drywall knives, water brushes and buckets of compound and empty buckets for thinning it out to the perfect consistency. With the strong arms of tradesmen and the delicate fingertips of artists, every skim coat is skillfully applied and smoothed.

Free Skim Coating and Drywall Repair Estimates in New York and New Jersey!


Walls that benefit from skim coating are both old ones and new. Any wall which has experienced water damage or has holes, cracks, dents and popped nail heads needs skim coating to restore it for painting, wallpaper, stenciling or any finish. Newly installed drywall is not ready for paint or wallpaper, and skim coating will provide the perfect surface for any embellishments.

Some Walls

Some walls have been textured by previous owners or tenants, and new residents are not enamored with the stucco style, orange peel texture or swirls of a 3-dimensional wall surface. Enter the expert skim coating project team from Paintworks and within days, no one will ever know there was a hint of raised paint. Plaster walls often appear wavy and uneven, and skim coating offers a massive improvement.


Ceilings are common places for cracks, water leaks and unsightly flaws. They consume a large, unencumbered space, and defects, stains and blemishes attract a lot of attention. Popcorn ceilings, once a coveted lumpy, bumpy style, have gone the way of cassette tapes, and skim coating is the ideal response to mask them in favor of a sleek, smooth canopy in any room.

  • Skim coating

  • Level 5 drywall finish

  • Smoothing walls

  • Covering popcorn and swirl ceilings

  • Restoring luster and even surfaces

  • Drywall repair

  • Smoothing over surface flaws and imperfections

  • Repair and smooth out dents and holes

  • Like new ceilings and walls


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