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What Happens When Using the Wrong Paint over Oil-Based Paint?

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Not what you want to see

Water-based vs. Oil-based Paint

Watching paint dry or watching grass grow is fairly harmless albeit incredibly boring. A more dramatic – or alarming – way to pass the time is watching paint peel in large pieces should you discover that you have painted over oil-based paint with water-based paint. It’s not so far-fetched to buy a gallon of paint and put on a coat or two with the hopes of selling your home faster for the fresh look, until the fresh look takes on the bubble gum look – blistering, stretching out and peeling off. Ooops.

While it may seem that picking a color of paint is the primary task, actually choosing the right paint precedes that. Knowing what kind of paint is already on a wall, trim, table or whatever it is you are planning to paint narrows your choice quickly. Durability plays into paint choice, as walls do not need a durability factor as high and reliable as trim, which gets touched much more often. Oil-based paints are frequently selected for trim because they have a hard, non-porous coating when dry. Walls are usually painted with water-based paints. You can paint oil-based paint over water-based paints, but not the other way around. At least not without sanding and scuffing and/or applying a proper bonding agent first.

Our experience with paints, bonding agents, oil-based products, primers, water-based paints, sealers and more is available to you for the asking. While we can certainly fix bubble gummy errors like in these photos, we strongly suggest you call in our experts before taking matters into your own hands. The Paintworks professional painters get the job done right every time, with the right paint, equipment, brushes and rollers. There are particular kinds of brushes and rollers to use with different paint products, along with various methods of cleaning them. When you want the job done quickly and correctly the first time, well, call on us. You can watch the paint dry, and we assure you that the fresh look will be just that, a fresh look of smooth paint in the color(s) of your choice.

Fixing trim/doors after wrong paint was used on top of oil based paint

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